My problems with obesity started when I was 2 years old and suffered a serious body dehydration. From that moment on I began to gain weight. My picked on me for many years which was particularly nasty, especially during the school years. As a 7-year-old I weighed over 60 kilograms…
I started to suffer from numerous health problems, such as increased blood pressure, increased sugar level in blood and high cholesterol. These conditions were later accompanied by a slipped disk, which immobilized me for 2 months, and a meniscus injury the after-effects of which I experience to this day.
Additionally, I started to lose the joy of life and spent more and more time at home. Such isolationmade my condition worse.
In my life there were 4 periods in which I followed various diets. I even lost 25 kilograms. Unfortunately, each attempt ended in failure and was followed by the yo-yo effect.
I was discouraged and I had enough. Then, my mother, who was also an obese person, told me that she had decided to undergo the sleeve gastrectomy. I was sceptical at first but when she lost over 30 kilograms due to the surgery in almost 3 months I changed my mind and made an appointment with doctor Piotr Myśliwiec who operated my mother. After the first visit I was convinced that the surgical treatment of obesity is a solution for me.
I underwent the surgery on 7 June 2016. When I was admitted to the hospital I weighed 151 kg and my BMI was over 44. After 4 months from the operation I lost 37 kilograms and my weight is still going down. Currently it amounts to 114 kg and my BMI is slightly over 33. My morbid obesity was reduced to “only” I class obesity...
I can finally feel that I am alive. I started to buy cloths in ordinary shops where I can find sizes that fit. I go out more often, do sports, spend time with my friends – all the things that I was missing. My results improved and my cholesterol is almost at a proper level.
I have also overcome my apprehension about starting a family. Now I know that I will be able to spend time with my child, who, I hope, will soon be born.
I am utterly grateful for help I received from doctor Myśliwiec before, during and after the surgery. Thanks to his support I can experience a new life.
Today I only regret one thing – that I did not decide to undergo the surgery sooner.

Piotr, 30 age