Before the surgery I weighed 105 kg though I was only 158 cm tall. The obesity I suffered from deprived me of my confidence. I abandoned active life, a lot of everyday activities caused great difficulty to me. The problem with finding clothes in the right size also contributed to my low self-esteem and deteriorating frame of mind. All that was soon accompanied by health problems. I suffered from breathlessness, low physical endurance, swollen legs.

Sometimes I could not bear the pain in my spine. Climbing four flights of stairs was a nightmare – sometimes I had to take a few breaks. I was 37 but I felt as if I were twice as old.

In June 2015 I had a gastric bypass.I wanted to regain my previous life. I started to notice the effects of the surgery fairly soon. I tried to follow all doctor’s orders, I learnt to change my eating habits. I felt very good and as my weight was dropping I was feelingeven better. Within a year after the surgery I lost 47 kg. At the moment I weigh 55 kg. I lost 50 kg in total. It is a huge success for me. My complaints subsided, both the physical and mental quality of my life improved.I can easily handle all everyday chores, I am more active.

I know that the decision to undergo the surgery was one of the best in my life. I strongly recommend it to people who, as was in my case, suffer from obesity. There is a chance for a new, lighter and healthier life. I hope that my testimony will help somebody to change their life. I will always be grateful to the doctor for his help. One more time, thank you for everything.