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Piotr Myśliwiec, M.D., Ph.D.

Surgery is my passion. I consider myself lucky, as what I do can help people. I believe that each patient deserves a European standard of treatment, therefore, I have completed numerous training courses abroad. I spent almost 3 years in the Great Britain, Canada, France, Denmark, Belgium and Germany. I specialize in laparoscopic surgeries, particularly in the surgical treatment of obesity. I am a member of the Videosurgery Sectionof Association of Polish Surgeons. I have delivered plenty of lectures on laparoscopic surgeries. I am the co-author of the book KompendiumChirurgiiLaparoskopowej (Compendium of the Laparoscopic Surgery).

Qualifications and experience

Piotr Myśliwiec, M.D., Ph.D., has graduated from the Medical University of Bialystok and obtained the Rector’s Diploma of Honour for Distinctive Academic Achievements. In 2004 he received the title of the General Surgery Specialist with a very good result. He gained his professional experience not only in Poland, but also abroad: the Great Britain – 6 months, France – 12 months, Canada – 14 months. He underwent training under the supervision of the most prominent world specialists in the field of surgery of obesity: BrunoDillemans (Belgium), AlmantasMaleckas (Sweden); surgery of endocrine glands (thyroid, adrenal glands): Martin Walz (Germany), Jean Pierre Arnaud (France). He has performed numerous pioneering procedures in Podlasie Province (laparoscopic excision of the tumour of adrenal gland, pancreas and stomach). He has participated as an expert in many conferences concerning the minimally-invasive surgery (Hamburg, Warsaw, Cracow, Kielce, Kołobrzeg, Białowieża). As the representative of the PodlasieProvince, he took part in the establishment of standards of bariatric and metabolic surgery as well as thyroid surgery with the use of neuromonitoring. So far he has performed over 3000 minimally-invasive surgeries. See his resume.


Piotr Myśliwiec is the author of numerous publications regarding not only the general surgery but also matters concerning the surgical treatment of obesity. His scholarly achievements include a few dozen of articleswhich he has written himself or with the cooperation of his colleagues who also have the same goal of improving the standard of medical care. See the list of publications.

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