Before the surgery
How can I check whether I am eligible for the surgery?
How can I register for the surgery?
How should I prepare myself for the surgery?
Should I be on a diet before the surgery?
What is the risk involved in the surgery?


Will somebody pick me up from the airport?
How long will the care be provided?
Where will I stay?
Can I bring somebody?
What should I bring?
Do I need visa?


During the surgery
How long does the surgery last?
May there occur complications during and after the surgery?
Who does perform the surgery?
What equipment will be used during the surgery?
Will I be anaesthised?


After the surgery
What diet should I follow after the surgery?
When will I regain my physical capacity?
How long will I stay in the clinic after the procedure?
Will I be transported to the airport?
How much time after the procedure can I plan pregnancy?
How does postoperative control look like?
What should I do in the case of complaints?


How can I pay for the surgery?
What does the price include?


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  • Łarysa P.

    Hello everyone, I would like to sincerely thank you for a chance of a new, better life. I have never met such polite and understanding doctor as Piotr Myśliwiec, who also spares no time for his patients. He would always comprehensively explain the aspects which I did not understand. Thanks to the procedure which he…

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  • Grażyna L.

    On 4th May 2016 doctor Piotr Myśliwiec gave me a new, better life. During the first visit he has already showed his big heart for patients. He explained to me the stages of the procedure, the possible effects but also potential problems. He was talking to me and dispelling all my doubts with a smile…

    Read more
  • Robert C.

    This September I have undergone a gastric bypasssurgery performed by doctor Piotr Myśliwiec. For a few weeks hehas been patiently and calmly explaining to me the course of the procedure. After the surgery he visited me a few times to monitor my recovery. I was released home the next day. After 2 months I have…

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  • Anonymous

    Before the surgery I weighed 105 kg though I was only 158 cm tall. The obesity I suffered from deprived me of my confidence. I abandoned active life, a lot of everyday activities caused great difficulty to me. The problem with finding clothes in the right size also contributed to my low self-esteem and deteriorating…

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  • Anonymous

    Within 10 months after the gastric bypass I have lost over 50 kg (from 140 kg to 85 kg)!!! Doctor Piotr Myśliwiec a real wonderworker, the impossible became possible! The doctorhas not only a deep knowledge and expertise, but also kind and matter-of-fact attitude towards patients. I am grateful tothe doctorfor the “second youth”. The…

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  • Anonymous

    Piotr Myśliwiec, M.D., Ph.D, has completely changed my life:) He is friendly, warm and always smiling – which is really rare in doctors – but, most importantly, he is a very good surgeon. The sleeve gastrectomysurgery which I underwent 1.5 year agodid not involve any complications or postoperative pain but, what is the most significant…

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  • Piotr
    Piotr, 30 age

    My problems with obesity started when I was 2 years old and suffered a serious body dehydration. From that moment on I began to gain weight. My picked on me for many years which was particularly nasty, especially during the school years. As a 7-year-old I weighed over 60 kilograms… I started to suffer from…

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