Diet 1000 calories

1000-calorie diet–effectiveness

This diet, by definition, should bring fast effects. There are, however, people who because of a drastic decrease of food rations do not immediately and according to the expectations lose redundant kilograms. To the contrary: it turns out that the weight remains the same. It is due to the fact that the metabolism considerably slows down to defend the body against sudden, inexplicable limited access to food. It also entails the retention of water in the body. Most often 1000 kcal diet proves effective at the beginning – the trousers become looser after only a few days. Nevertheless, it should be emphasised that the diet is not recommended for longer than two weeks. After it is over, a lot of people, tired of the constant feeling of hunger, subconsciously want to compensate the losses and start to eat much more. It is also to supplement the lost minerals and vitamins. It results in the so-called yo-yo effect, so in the end you weigh more than at the beginning of the diet.

Consequences for health

1000-calorie diet cannot be deemed healthy because it does not provide the amount of calories necessary for everyday activities. As a result, not only the adipose tissue is reduced but also the muscle tissue, which is much more difficult to reconstruct.Moreover, the poor diet leaves a mark on our mind. The nervous system starts to be failing, which entails bad mood, the blues or even the development of depression. Such diet also increases the risk of such mental disorders as anorexia or bulimia.

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