Follow-up appointments

Follow-up appointments

All patients of the EurObesityClinic are subject to permanent postoperative control. It starts immediately after the surgery, when we monitor the health condition after awakening from the general anaesthesia. The patient, depending on his/her condition, remains under observation in the hospital up to 3 days after the surgery. Then, we determine the dates of tests to be taken. Usually they are:

- 1 week after the surgery
- 1 monthafter the surgery
- 3 monthsafter the surgery
- 6 months after the surgery
- 9 months after the surgery
- 1 yearafter the surgery
- 1½ yearafter the surgery
- 2 years after the surgery and then once a year.

If you take medications for hypertension, diabetes or asthma, it might be necessary to reduce their dosage or even discontinue one medication or more. If you have any doubts, consult your general practitioner or a proper specialist.

A lot of patients experience constipation after the surgery. It is mainly caused by the limited volume of consumed liquids. If you need to take laxatives, we recommend liquid medications. It is particularly important in the first postoperative weeks.

Before the surgery our patients gain access to HealthGain platform. It allows them to easily submit their test results to the clinic, to contact the surgeon, monitor their progress and use plenty of other functions which help them to start a new, better life.

Physical activity
Apart from dietary instructions, a crucial element contributing to the effectiveness of the obesity treatment is physical activity. Being active will be easieras the weight is reduced. It is crucial to go for walks or do a sport regularly, 5x30 minutes a week. The patient may choose the type and intensity of the activityaccording to the pulse limit which for adults is usually calculated based on the following formula: 180 - age (for a person at the age of 45 it will be 135/minute), unless the person suffers from heart or cardiovascular diseases. Physical activity improves our metabolism. Permanent results of the surgery are impossible to achieve without it. Each time you exercise you will be awarded by endorphins, the happiness hormones.
Alcohol is forbidden before the surgery and in the first weeks after the surgery. Most obese individuals have a damaged liver due to steatosis. Consumption of alcohol after the surgery may escalate the damage of the liver which is an organ indispensable to live.
After the surgery, especially after the gastric bypass, alcohol gets to the intestinefaster and is absorbed. As few as one or two glasses of alcohol may cause disorientation and disturbance of consciousness. It particularly applies to strong alcohol. If you have to drink alcohol in social situations, dry wine instead of strong alcohol is recommended.
For not entirely known reasons, the patients after the gastric bypass are inclined towards alcohol abuse. It should be born in mind and special caution should be exercised.

Emergency situations
Such situations occur very rarely. However, everybody should be able to identify them adequately. If you experience the following symptoms (especially when a few of them occur simultaneously), please contact us or another doctor immediately:
- sudden deterioration of health condition;
- pain in the left shoulder;
- stomach-ache which intensifies during coughing and deep breathing;
- fast pulse> 120/min, lasting for> 4 hours;
- fever> 38°C, lasting for> 4 hours;
- breathlessness (lack of air);
- frequent vomiting;
- oliguria (passing< 500 ml of urine a day); - inability to drink at least 1000ml of liquids a day.  

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  • Łarysa P.

    Hello everyone, I would like to sincerely thank you for a chance of a new, better life. I have never met such polite and understanding doctor as Piotr Myśliwiec, who also spares no time for his patients. He would always comprehensively explain the aspects which I did not understand. Thanks to the procedure which he…

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  • Grażyna L.

    On 4th May 2016 doctor Piotr Myśliwiec gave me a new, better life. During the first visit he has already showed his big heart for patients. He explained to me the stages of the procedure, the possible effects but also potential problems. He was talking to me and dispelling all my doubts with a smile…

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  • Robert C.

    This September I have undergone a gastric bypasssurgery performed by doctor Piotr Myśliwiec. For a few weeks hehas been patiently and calmly explaining to me the course of the procedure. After the surgery he visited me a few times to monitor my recovery. I was released home the next day. After 2 months I have…

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  • Anonymous

    Before the surgery I weighed 105 kg though I was only 158 cm tall. The obesity I suffered from deprived me of my confidence. I abandoned active life, a lot of everyday activities caused great difficulty to me. The problem with finding clothes in the right size also contributed to my low self-esteem and deteriorating…

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  • Anonymous

    Within 10 months after the gastric bypass I have lost over 50 kg (from 140 kg to 85 kg)!!! Doctor Piotr Myśliwiec a real wonderworker, the impossible became possible! The doctorhas not only a deep knowledge and expertise, but also kind and matter-of-fact attitude towards patients. I am grateful tothe doctorfor the “second youth”. The…

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  • Anonymous

    Piotr Myśliwiec, M.D., Ph.D, has completely changed my life:) He is friendly, warm and always smiling – which is really rare in doctors – but, most importantly, he is a very good surgeon. The sleeve gastrectomysurgery which I underwent 1.5 year agodid not involve any complications or postoperative pain but, what is the most significant…

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  • Piotr
    Piotr, 30 age

    My problems with obesity started when I was 2 years old and suffered a serious body dehydration. From that moment on I began to gain weight. My picked on me for many years which was particularly nasty, especially during the school years. As a 7-year-old I weighed over 60 kilograms… I started to suffer from…

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